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Proudly Serving Vermont Since 1875

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Our Mission

  • Protect, restore, educate, improve & help manage our land, water, air, our game, fish, birds, other wildlife & natural resources.
  • Preserve our right to hunt, fish, trap, and own firearms.
  • Promote and encourage good sportsmanship. Foster & encourage all the shooting sports.
  • Encourage the public to respect fish & game laws & regulations.
  • Strengthen good landowner/sportsmen relations.
  • Educate the public on issues affecting fish & wildlife.
  • Support other organizations with goals similar to the Federations.
  • Encourage communications among sportsmen, landowners, non-hunters, anglers, and trappers, government, and the general public.
  • Monitor & lobby legislature on issues important to the sportsmen.
  • Sponsor the Keenan Memorial Fund which promotes conservation training and good sports skill and attitudes amongst young people.