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Let's Tell Our Legislators:  NO  NEW  GUN  CONTROL  LAWS


Where:  Vermont State House, Montpelier

When:  Tuesday,  January  27th,  2:00PM  to  7:30PM

What:   Vermont  Sportspersons  Filling  the  State House

More updates to follow


Parking lot and shuttle info to be posted later. Check back.

Event Agenda:

  • 2pm to 5pm - Visit your Representative and Senator to tell them "No New Gun Laws"
  • 5:30pm to 7:30pm Mixer in the State House Cafeteria, snacks provided and a "cash bar". Special speakers.


Vermont's Gun Control lobby is telling our legislators that the population of Vermont has changed; that your rights and values are no longer relevant.  They say that you are not willing to be bothered to protect your rights, and that you will not oppose their laundry-list of New York City-type of gun control.  They say 2015 is the year for Vermont to enact big city gun control restrictions and you will passively not object.

Even though Vermont has an existing law which states that no municipality can attempt to regulate the "possession, ownership, transportation, transfer, sale, purchase, carrying, licensing or registration of traps, firearms, ammunition or components of firearms or ammunition" (V.S.A. Tile 24 2295 - better known as the "Sportsmen's Bill of Rights"), last year the politicians of Burlington acted in utter contempt of this law by moving forward to the State Legislature several anti-firearm resolutions to change their Charter.  If these Charter changes are passed this will gravely impact ALL Vermont Sportspersons because towns and cities across the state would then be empowered to enact their own shooting, hunting and trapping bans, ending up with state-wide patchwork of conflicting ordinances.

             Beyond that:  There is now an anti-firearm group in Vermont spending a lot of money for the most expensive lobbyists in the state.  This group claims to be a "grass-roots" Vermont organization, but does not show the exact source(s) of their funding. 

We believe the following facts speak for themselves:

        At least 2 of the anti-firearm ordinances proposed for Burlington have been ruled by courts as unconstitutional in other states, the third is virtually unenforceable, and all are against existing state law

        Vermont is the safest state in the nation due to Vermont having the lowest violent crime rate per capita

        Vermont is ranked forty-fifth of the 50 states in guns trace backs performed by the BATFE

        Vermont IS NOT a major source of firearms to ANY other state

        Criminals do not obey laws, criminals will always be able to get firearms, and senseless restrictions on honest citizens will most assuredly be appreciated by violent thugs and criminals




Wear Orange, Be Polite & Respectful, but let us FILL OUR STATE HOUSE!


Mark Your Calendars, Further Details Will Be Forthcoming